F=forgive, O=obey, C=commit, U=unite, S=surrender


Something Beautiful Inside (SBI)
Inspired by: Psalm 139:14-16

SBI specializes in sophisticated beauty techniques and products that inspire women to feel beautiful from the inside out. Featuring a variety of positive inspirational apparel designs for men and women. Something Beautiful Inside offers a full range of body, skin and hair care items for the needs of every woman. Designed by a woman to help transform every woman into her refreshed and rejuvenated best self. 

I am a licensed cosmetologist by trade. As a little girl I grew up watching my great aunt do hair in her beauty shop, she had in the back of her house. I remember always mocking her movements and pretending I was her doing hair. I have been doing hair for almost 30 years. I decided in 2002 to get my cosmetology license. After getting my license, I worked 10 years for a salon in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sadly, I was laid off in 2014, however I realized God had orchestrated the entire situation.

While working from home I came up with the name Something Beautiful Inside (SBI). Inspired by the metamorphosis of the butterfly, as it must go through several transformations before it becomes something beautiful. I relate that transformation to life in general.

As a hairstylist, I do my best to uplift my clients in whatever way I can. I allow God to use me as he sees fit to help whomever is in my chair. More often than not, if a client comes to me down, they will leave uplifted and feeling better than when they arrived.

I created a shampoo and conditioner for dry and thirsty hair because I found it very difficult to find products for people of color. I would mix several different products to give the hair what it needs. I made a conditioner mix for my sister who wears her hair natural. She loved how it made her hair feel and insisted that I make more and start selling it. Since then, I have been selling my own shampoo and conditioner.

Two of my siblings have skin problems and could not find a skin care product that would moisturize their skin. After researching natural remedies for people who have skin problems I found a body butter recipe that both are using religiously. I also created a natural body cream that is very moisturizing to the skin.

Later, I began creating spiritually inspired acronyms that are now on my Something Beautiful Inside (SBI) T-shirts and hoodies.